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James Macnee

Designing systems that enable rapid delivery while increasing stability

So what do I bring to the table? I bring the experience and knowledge on how to enable a business to change rapidly in the ever changing economy. The ability for a business to adjust quickly is critical today and unless you can do this you will be taken over by smaller and more nimble companies. IT can enable or restrict change. My focus is to move IT to be the enabler of change. 
What kind of companies do I focus on? My skills are best applied to companies that have been around for a long time and find it hard to change.
What do I do? Firstly I get to know the current state of the company in delivering new products by visualizing the end to end process of delivery and highlighting the constraints in the system. With this knowledge I'll work with the business in developing a future state and a north star vision that we can agree on moving towards. Then we simple take an incremental step by step approach to moving towards that vision and continually adjust our approach based on what we learn. 
What are a few of the principles that apply across all companies? 
1. The key to success is unlocking and unleashing your staff to improve. 
2. Consider value from the customer viewpoint and eliminate what does not contribute to that value. 
3. Move towards creating flow, reducing the amount of work in progress and batch sizes to deliver what the customer wants when they want it. 
4. Compete against perfection

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