Podcasts disseminate information in the most easily accessible and digestible manner - staff can listen to your internal weekly updates on the train, teams can keep up to date on the secret project during the lunchtime workout, and you can tell the world the latest happenings in your organisation and with your products.

We are New Zealand's most popular podcast when it comes to sharing the stories and information, we know how to get the best into the shortest amount of time - let us do it for you.

What you want

  • A (cheaper) alternative to video
  • Help in building better, deeper, and longer lasting relationships with your audience (customers, staff)
  • Improved public speaking skills
  • A great addition to your marketing mix
  • A relaxed staff-centric way to deliver updates

What we offer

  • The equipment, skills, and know-how to designing, creating, and publishing your podcast
  • A popular NZ-focused podcast platform
  • A professional, yet non-"corporate" voice to augment your own
  • Experienced hosts
  • Bespoke "How To Run YOUR Podcast" material and training 



(remember, you don't have to have it all - it's a menu, no-one eats everything off the menu ... do they?)

FAQs - the things we know you'll be asking


The value of us doing

We are not  

We know that the biggest cost of any event is the venue and the catering, outside of these two we charge:


(all prices quoted in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST)

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