It's a video world! Whilst still photos tell a thousand words (and we most certainly do those), moving pictures brings your audience into your story, We have years of video experience that comes to you alongsider our technical expertise, delivery platform ("we have a website") and most importantly our AG way of engaging down the camera lense to your audience.

Let us take your stories, add a dash of Access Granted and bring you your story to the audience in ways you've never thought possible.

What you want

  • Your story told
  • Your event live streamed to the world
  • Event interviews recorded on video
  • Regular updates to your staff that they actually want to watch
  • Social media videos bringing more attendees
  • Live interviews with speakers, guests, and attendees

What we offer

Live streaming video

We have proved that Access Granted can broadcast live events, interviews, and ensure you garner an audience extra to those at your event.

Check out our week long series of Techweek TV 2018 alongside our live interview series at the 2017 WellyTech event.

We can live stream your event with the most awesome hosts no matter what indusrty you aer in:

  • Government - Campaign Videos; Q&A live debates; 
  • Conferences - Behind the scenes, Keynote Speakers & Panels, New Product Launches, Attendee impressions, Hackathons
  • Meetings - Important big cheese meets like AGMs, Large annual 
  • Sports - short sessions for specific coverage (eg. audience Q&A, on-field player interviews, award ceremony)
  • Gaming - eSports LIVE; ComicCON, Armageddon


Every has the need to tell their story, be that to the world or to those close to them such as staff during times of change.

We engage with your story in a friendly, accessible, and easy manner ensuring you efficiently get your point across whether it's the whole world visd social media, your staff on your internal Intranet.

  • Personal Branding for Executives - CEO / C-suite video profiles - IMP to make the Boss look good :)
  • Video Tutorials for customers / employees / online viewers - Youtube is full of these
  • UnBoxing Videos | How-to Videos | Product & Gadget Reviews
  • B2B Video - Product demos; Product-in-action, Sales videos, On-site Customer testimonials
  • Video Resumes - for candidates / Employees / Employer Branding Videos/ Recruitment Videos

The value of us doing

(remember, you don't have to have it all - it's a menu, no-one eats everything off the menu ... do they?)

  • ...

We know that the biggest cost of any event is the venue and the catering, outside of these two we charge:

  • ,,,

(all prices quoted in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST)


What next?

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