aimee whitcroft - Unf*ck your business

This week we catch up with "Frantic Enabler" aimee whitcroft (@teh_aimee), ringmaster of the famous nerd nite in Wellington and general unf*cker of businesses. We talk about how she came to be in tech in NZ and the fun adventures during the Mongol rally as well as teaching baby AI's their first words ...


Yip, we are having a party - well, we are co-hosting a party alongside the fine folks from Hack Miramar and the community over at Geekzone. It’s going to be a cracking evening on Friday 4th December! There will be live music, beer, prizes and only 100 people – so get over to our blog post, Jiber Jaber: We're Having A Christmas Party - Book It In, for details and the Lil Reggie link to get your FREE ticket.