#WellyTech 2015 - Xmas party panel

What an amazing gathering of Tech, media, and Start up people! We had a vision of having a party where many people could connect and have fun. So we got together with Geekzone and Hack Miramar and came up with our end of year/christmas party – #WellyTech.

Mayor Celia Wade Brown started off proceedings talking about the great hub we have here in Wellington.

Hack Miramar organised a collaboration exercise that had everyone involved in creating a presentation of what their vision of the future of tech in Wellington looked like.

From there we recorded a quick 15 min panel session with Victoria MacLennanLaura ReitelTim KongRuth McDavitt and Melissa Clark-Reynolds.

The live band "Rose Road" featuring Hannah Fraser, Kerry Wood, Sharon Greally played and roaming magician Arjun entertained the crowd while the judge reviewed the collaboration pieces. Mauricio (our regular on "System Error") took the stage and presented the prizes to the winners.

It was an amazing night, it was awesome to see so many people engaging and having a great time. Thanks to those that helped in creating the event (Steph – Organiser extraordinaire, Mauricio – Man with the prizes hook ups, and Jono – Video and sound magician) and big thanks to Hopgarden for having us.