Mark Pascall - The ledger of things

We talk to Mark Pascall from 3Months (@3monthsNZ) about Blockchain and the Internet of Things and how it all fits together.

Mark's background is Acoustical Engineering (the branch of engineering dealing with sound and vibration). He came to Wellington for the kite surfing and found a role at the one firm that specialised in Acoustical Engineering leading on to software engineering around many firms in Wellington. 

Mark set up 3Months, a company that specialises in natural ways people can interface with tech, IOT and the application of Blockchain as well has having a history of being one of the first companies to use the Agile Methodology. 

For Mark collaboration has become second nature and is a way all industries can work together to complete in the global market place. 

We also get the best explanation on how Blockchain actually works.

This one has a few “Wow” moments enjoy ...