Jessica Venning-Bryan - Knowledge is Power

Jessica Venning-Bryan (@jvenningbryan) has spent almost 15 years advising organisations on how to engage people with their products and services. From beer to wind farms, elections to employment. We discuss working for the Govt, PR (Sweeney Vesty), Saatchi & Saatchi and ways to communicate information depending on your audience.

Now at Flick Electric – where she is part of a team that is growing fast and taking on the power industry. Flick uses a client portal that uses rich data to explain how your power usage is effected by our lifestyle and vice versa.

Jessica also tells us about Cultivate, a free mentoring programme she started that supports early to mid career women to navigate the modern workplace, in particular the structures that make it harder for women to access equal opportunities and equal pay.  Jessica shares her own workplace bullying story which became a driving force to start Cultivate.