System Error / Mauricio Freitas - Why is there a reset phone in your anus?

Wow this conversation went in every direction possible. Around the table were Troy, Mauricio, Mike, Raj and Gavin.

We jabbered about:

  • Usability, functionality, service
  • Using AI bots
  • Recruitment tech
  • LinkedIn spam (“Hi Troy you have a nice face”)
  • Paring down your social channels
  • Email is broken (still) but which messaging app to go to? 
  • The old battle between Windows vs Mac vs Google 
  • Buzz word BS
  • Data – Analytics and patterns/trends
  • Telcos, they just don’t get it
  • iPhone X and Facal recognition 
  • Keeping your device safe whist travelling
  • Gun policy at work (in America off course), Everyday carry (EDC) and a few of gun stories.
  • NZ talent trend – Qualifications are becoming less important.

Also – #WellyTech Christmas Party coming up on the 30th November.