System Error / Mauricio Freitas - The End Of 2017

This was our last system Error session for 2017 and we had an open invitation for anyone that wanted to come along. 

Along with Mike and Raj, we had Lukas, Dave, Rochelle, Kay and off-course Mauricio.

The session covered:

  • Intergen conference
  • The countdown to Christmas (yay or Uhhh depending on your point of view)
  • Gift giving – minimalism vs consumerism 
  • What happens when the internet (connectivity to the web) goes down?
  • New smartphones and the dramas that come with them
  • 2degrees are shutting down 2G without helping customers adjust, companies help users when this happens?
  • Community interaction and education about technology (and where Tech companies fit in to that)
  • The evolution of the local library 
  • The rate of change today, compared to the last generation
  • Why cant people learn technology?
  • The old battle between Mac, Windows and Google Chrome
  • Will every child go to school with their own personal AI in the future?
  • Why does Lukas’ Mac have only one port! #DongleLife
  • Every Fitbit Mauricio has have a different charger

It a long but very entertaining chat with some amazing and funny people. If you want to come down next time look out for the Facebook invite or check out

Also get to the #WellyTech Christmas party, get your free ticket here

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AG Oct 2017 2.JPG