Aliesha Staples - The reality of storytelling

Vaughan Rowsell (@rowsell) talks to Aliesha Staples (LinkedIn) who comes from a 13 year film industry and VR/AR content creation background. Aliesha is the founder of Staples VR, a production studio for the creative technologies sector, and Staples Rentals (Staples Rentals), an emerging technology equipment rental company.

Aliesha was the winner of the High Tech Awards Young Achiever of the year award for 2017 (Idealog story) and her company Staples VR is the finalist for both innovation and emerging business categories of the 2017 Westpac Business Awards. She has produced Virtual and Augmented experiences for the likes of Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney and TVNZ.

Some great insights into the world of AR, VR, MR and 360 – and the differences between them all.  Aliesha also talk about sharing insights and knowledge as they learn their way through the industry, which helps grow the industry as a whole too.

Aliesha Staples 2017.jpg