Lance Lones - Building new realities

We head to to Shelly Bay, on the Miramar/Wellywood Peninsular, to meet Lance Lones from L2VR (@L2VRfilm) where they research, design and manufacture virtual reality cameras right here in NZ!

The cinematic industry has always evolved as technology changes and here we are again, right back at the start with VR. It is exciting for those in this cutting edge industry where everything is up for grabs and everything is unknown - how will creators use these new technologies and what needs to be built?

Lance take us through how L2VR came to be, how they approach cinematic VR and how they are the complete company from software to the very impressive hardware they create in-house using 3D printers. 

Raj and Lance geek out over resolutions from tape to 4k/8k and 16k as well as coming up with a new name for “films” in this digital age.

There are some great surprises on this one ...