Techweek New Plymouth – Cow-orking In Taranaki

Into the mighty Taranaki, or "Taradise" as Adrian called it :)

We were invited by Graham Nelson and Jacqui Elley to come visit the Manifold co-working space in New Plymouth and we were extremely happy to pop down from Hamilton to visit them (and thanks both for giving us a bed each for the night).

With Jacqui's artistic eye and Graham's UX experience the space itself is a gorgeous working arena into which a number of Taranaki start-ups are beavering away at changing the world.

We all then popped down to Ms White for a nice beer and pizza and a catch-up with:

Note 1: Eli is working with 'everyone' in New Plymouth - a powerhouse dev!
Note 2: Tarankai's StartUp Weekend's are driving a lot of the work happening

ALL our photos for the tour are here: - here's a few highlights from our New Plymouth visit