Techweek Auckland - Squeezing in BizDojo @GridAKL

A morning flight up to Auckland, pick up the (massive) hire car and a skootle into the Auckland CBD as Mike messes around with the fancy in-car entertainment system we arrived at BizDojo / GridAKL.

We find a park (first hour free, come on!), get out, walk to ... go back for our t-shirts, walk to ... go back for our Fuelled leaflets, walk to the lovely BizDojo.

After a very warm welcome from Eva, and a look around,  we're straight into chatting with:

And this was just us squeezing BizDojo in as they asked so nicely - man alive, it was full of awesome and we merely scratched the surface of the GridAKL area which was expanding as a hell of a rate and chock full of cranes, builders and the like.