Emily Loughnan – Creating immersive experiences

Emily Loughnan (@suitey) is a passionate and creative business owner who started design agency Clicksuite in 1993 going on to create amazing experiences using digital media from websites to immersive museum installations.

Raj and Emily geek out a little over video and design as Emily started out as a TV Producer and they connect the dots between CDROMs (remember those?) all the way through to Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Recently Emily did the Wellington thing and fostered another start-up, Curio, a software platform for the museum sector that recently 'graduated' from the Mahuki (Te Papa's innovation accelerator).

When Emily has free time, she takes care of a bunch of vines that happen to produce a nice Pinot Noir.

And finally we dive into "women in tech" and Emily talks about her experiences in the workplace – we have a few WTF moments!