Sam Jarman – No time for messing around, just get into it

Sam Jarman (@samjarman) is a man on a mission and has the focus and goals of someone with many more years his 'senior'. From working as a dev (at time of recording it was Sailthru, but he is now at BNZ), to being a futurist and technology commentator he has a passion to share the world of technology - a mission we wholeheartedly approve of!

This was a redo interview as we had technical difficulties and we quickly dive into what makes Sam tick, where he sees it all going and how he IS going to make it happen.

We also highly recommend Sam's most excellent "Dev Chats" series - - that includes Kristina Balaam, Libby Schumacher-Knight, John-Daniel Trask, and many many more most excellent developers - subscribe now!