Jim Donovan - Professional Director Changing The World In Big Ways

Jim Donovan (@jimisambard) loves change and positive disruption! 

He began his career as an information systems engineer, progressing through project management, sales, marketing and general management in Britain and New Zealand. As a CEO, he led the transformation and expansion of several substantial technology-based companies: Electra, Fronde and Deltec (Hi Tech Company of the Year in 2000). He's advised major corporations in New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia on business strategy and performance improvement. 

Today he's a professional company director - and we find out exactly what that means - with wide industry experience, particularly in technology-based businesses, pan-industry bodies, and the research & education sectors. He is chairman of ultra-fast high-capacity telco REANNZ.

He also has plans to completely change the housing industry ... watch that space ... 

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