Jim Boutcher - Gorilla Giving

Jim Boutcher is mild mannered data nerd by day helping to keep you money safe from the nasty people around the world that want to take it out of the banks ... he does this by being neck deep in data and databases, this is his passion.

Jim also has a passion for solving some obvious (to him) problems in society and has come up with the free app, Givahoy. With Givahoy you no longer have the problem of living in a cashless society, walking past the bucket shakers and wanting to give but having nothing in your pocket. Simply whip out the app, pledge your amount and at the end of the month pay the bill.

We at Access Granted LOVED this concept and had to talk to JIm, and then we had to bring Jim and the #WellyTech charity, The Neonatal Trust together which we did.

At the event (free tickets still available) you can drop your cash OR use the Givahoy app to your favourite collector, it will know using the Givahoy iBeacons being used - clever eh

INSTALL the Givahoy app: