#WellyTech 2018 – David Perks and Dorien Vermaas (WellingtonNZ)

The #WellyTech event doesn't happen without partners standing next to us and making it happen. We are honoured to hear from David Perks and Dorien Vermaas.

David is heading up this large team for WellingtonNZ to help drive economic growth and make the Wellington region Wildly Famous.

Dorien is leading WREDA's tech & innovation team and works with game developers, animation studios, AR/VR community and (digital) design sectors.

David will be talking on stage in the Access Granted Big Top at 5:55 pm.

Our #WellyTech partner podcasts are now all out:

Our 3 questions for the event partners are:

  1. How was 2018 for you and your organisation?

  2. What are you looking forward to in 2019?

  3. What’s the ‘state of the nation’ when looking at the Wellington / NZ tech scene?

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Dorien Vermaas.jpeg