Vivian Chandra + co-founders - Your tech union

As an example of our team being hard working people with day jobs, families, and other community and tech adventures, just check out this podcast from Viv who introduces and talks through the newly launched Aotearoa Tech Union.

Viv chats with co-founders Jason Danner, Jess Ducey, Kate Pearce, and Cordelia Black.

The ATU is believes that every worker deserves:

  1. Fair and reasonable working conditions and hours

  2. Someone on their side if things go wrong

  3. Career support, and unbiased information on salary and pay, throughout their entire career

  4. A voice to government and media that represents their interests without fear of upsetting employers

If you work in a tech job or for a technology company, we’re here for you.

Technology is going to be the future of our country. Let’s make sure it’s one we can be proud of.