Mahuki part 1 (of 2) - Collaborate, I Want To Experience, LocalFlair & ScimitAR

(recorded December 2017 - part two here)

After an introduction about Mahuki ( from Bronwen Newton (2017 Mahuki Entrepreneur in Residence), we found out what the teams had worked upon, how they found the programme and, most importantly, what next.

Team details follow below the podcast


We are a Social Enterprise called Collaborate run by four young Wellington women. We have designed a platform for matching volunteers skills with opportunities in community and cultural organisations like museums and charities.


I Want To Experience uses immersive Virtual Reality to take users into the intimate worlds of explorers, innovators, curators and artists.  Passionate experts tell you what they are most curious about - what they've spent their lifetimes’ studying. We provide an avenue through which cultural Institutions can unlock their human treasures, reach geographically unbound audiences and deepen the learning experience for their visitors.


LocalFlair enables institutions to activate creatives around them through commercial opportunities. Galleries and museums all want to support local creatives, but in order for the work to also support the institutions they must do 3 things.


Taking your experiences to the next level!
ScimitAR is a team of creatives, educators and game developers who are passionate about making fun, interactive and educational experiences.