Mahuki part 2 (of 2) - SimplyFi, Tide Talk, Vaka Interactiv & ContinUX

(recorded December 2017 - part one here)

We finish off our chats with the 2017 Mahuki cohort by finding out what the teams had worked upon, how they found the programme and, most importantly, what next.

Team details follow below the podcast


SimplyFi are a family team of three dedicated to two things: simplicity and sharing.

They are developing an application that will help artists, private collectors and everyone in between to simply and securely catalogue their collection.


TideTalk uses technology to break down barriers preventing us from learning - and thus preserving - our languages. Our learning tool features customizable lessons, an immersive environment to grow new language skills and gamified progress, rewarded with gems of cultural knowledge that really brings our languages to life.


Vaka Interactiv, is a Pasifika and Māori team that creates impact communication through technology. With their current focus on the museum sector, they are developing interactive digital portraits that allow museum visitors to engage in conversation with cultural figures. 


ContinUX brings together software development, UX design, and culture and heritage sector expertise to bring you MORPH – data analytics for the GLAM sector.