New Zealand WiDS 2018

In a quiet, yet hot corner of the University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering Mike stole away most (not all, unfortunately) of the speakers at the inaugural Women In Data Science 2018 New Zealand ( to find out what they were going to say on stage - here they all are:

  • Professor Rosalind Archer

  • Liz MacPherson

  • Pieta Brown

  • Dr Lisa Chen

  • Amanda Hughes

  • Dame Diane Robertson

  • Kat Kolich

  • Emma Vitz

  • Alex Garkavenko
    (unfortunately we missed Agate Ponder, but watch this space ...)

A big thank you to Kat for inviting us to have a chat with everyone - and congratulations of organising a very successful event, here's to more in 2019

A sample of the event photos, all here: