Hiria Te Rangi - Slap You With Science

Together with Brenda Wallace and Amber Craig, Hiria Te Rangi have created Whare Hauora with one mission and one mission only, An Aotearoa, where your home, does not make you sick.

It started a few years ago and we are proud to be sharing Hiria's own story just as Whare Hauora launches into two key pilots, and gears up for a public release of their sensors via a PledgeMe campaign: http://www.wharehauora.nz/preorder-1/

Start-ups are hard, actually making a difference is tough, and doing it with open and transparent principles could mean it was a step too far - but not with Hiria and the team, they are determined and Whare Hauora *is* going to help bring health to all Kiwis.

Get involved - http://www.wharehauora.nz/get-involved-1/