System Error - Test Your Bias On Tinder

Wow, a packed System Error recording this week with Raj hosting Deborah Robb, Kay Jones, and Kowhai Montgomery as they all gathered around a table at Golding's Free Dive to shoot the breeze about anything and everything that came to mind.

JOIN US NEXT TIME - same venue, Thursday 13th September, 4pm-6pm

But for now, get the views on the following:

* Metlink changes
* Recycling
* Uses of various data and sharing your data between companies
* Meat alternatives, 
* Tinder vs Grinder vs pink sofa vs arranged marriages - more human connection in meet space is needed. 
* Those dam Air NZ safety videos, traveling, and "security theatre". 
* Don't be that “Self important” person at the airport
* Walk around the city in a costume randomly helping people
* What do you want to do when you grow up?
* Learning as an adult – getting out of your comfort zone to grow
* Kowhai recommends a game to play. "The evolution of trust" –