Simon Che de Boer - Encapsulating Reality

Simon Che de Boer is a rockstar ... no, not because he looks like one, but he truly is in the world of virtual reality. His self-taught techniques, use of open source, and sheer amount of work he puts in has meant there is no-one on the planet is able to create the level of hyperreality that he can.

Just ask his fans all over the world, including many production companies, major software companies, hardware vendors, and fellow AR/VR creators.

Now, with any rockstar there comes a heartfelt background, a story of ups and big downs, and of resilience and overcoming the arrows of outrageous misfortune.

And at the end of it, Simon is a funny guy with an incredible talent and a burning star of focus within him, He can also scratch you up the wrong way with his brutal honesty - we at AG welcome it :)

Check out more of our work at Also some great Behind The Scenes footage on my YouTube channel. I gotta get into this live-streaming stuff more often! 'In-game' of Nefetari's Tomb in Egypt. So sorry for the shaky footage. Way too much coffee and the screen-grabs are always way too zoomed in.