Philip Fierlinger - Put Your Head Down And Do It

Philip Fierlinger has worked amongst the "gods of Silicon Valley".

Raj and Philip have a fascinating run through Philip's design life, from the early days in film, before his design love took over,. They discuss design, what it is, and why it's essential to your business, and how it has played such a pivotal role for Philip in such roles as co-founder of Xero.

Also check out this lot - Philip learnt to code at 12, came up with the smartphone concept 16 years before Apple, started a company that had the Beastie Boys as their first client, created an online music store prototype, amongst the first people to use Quicktime VR, and was a beta tester for what became Flickr.

Finally, Philip is a local surfer, hosts a podcast for Massey design students allowing them to meet the industry, and advisor to many New Zealand-based startups.

*phew*, so much goodness for your ears ...

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