Healthy Homes Hikoi - No retreat no surrender

Tough times call for tough decisions by tough people and if there's one thing you've learnt through the past episodes it's that Hīria Te Rangi is one tough woman.

Covering the product (all fine), distribution (schools getting it, PledgeMe peeps you're all good), it comes down to the business (setting up the right structure) and that ever present demon of all businesses, cash flow.

Whilst "Winter is coming" for some in the form of TV shows we here at Access Granted NZ are going to do much more when NZ winter arrives. On June 22nd we will be kicking off a major campaign to help Whare Hauroa raise the money it needs to ensure every New Zealander, no matter who they are and what socioeconomic band they land in, has the information to have a warm and healthy home. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Our Healthy Homes Hikoi collection: