Rowan Simpson - Capture, measure and share. Appropriately

Rowan Simpson provides an episode that replicates his professional life, one of two halves. From being the first non-family member employee of TradeMe before moving on to Xero in it's early years. Since then Rowan has taken his experience and insights to many companies as investor and director, spreading the product development messages, and sharing his approach to tech business with all that are keen to hear (check out his Hoku Ideas page linked below).

Why is this show akin to his professional life - it's in two parts. First part recorded at an increasingly loud and busy Roxy Cinema before we decamped to overlook the Wellington harbour and record within a much quieter place - stick with it, it's gold - especially the second half.

It's an honour to have Rowan on the show, he's been a shining light within the New Zealand tech industry for many years and with his new venture, we see him not only filling a "startup hole" but also guiding and passing on his knowledge one more time. Rowan Simpson is a founder and investor in multiple successful high-growth NZ technology businesses. He was one of the founding team at Trade Me, was a pre-IPO investor in Xero and was the original investor & chair at Vend between 2010 & 2015.