Whilst we offer the full event experience many times you are sorted, you have your speakers, you've designed the event experience, and all you needs it someone on stage to bring it together or even to ensure you get the most out of a Q&A Session. Through our podcast hosting and running ours or other people's events we bring a relaxed yet professional and focused approach to your event

We are always on the side of the attendees (both in the room or via streaming) ensuring everyone gets the best from your own efforts. 

What you want

  • A voice for your event
  • For nothing to go wrong
  • A calm, relaxed, and professional approach for when it does go wrong
  • Knowledgeable engagement with your speakers and VIPs
  • To bring an underlying thread throughout your whole event
  • For everyone one to want to come to your next event 

What we offer

  • Experienced MC services
  • Ability to facilitate differing types of events - barcamp/unconference, hackathons, open spaces, knowledge cafes
  • Q&A sessions with no surprises
  • Q&A sessions chock full of surprises

(remember, you don't have to have it all - it's a menu, no-one eats everything off the menu ... do they?)

The value of us doing


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(all prices quoted in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST)

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