Our Contribution To The Xmas Party - A Star Studded Recording

As you should already know we have joined up with Wellington tech community leaders Geekzone and Hack Miramar to celebrate 2015 and look forward to 2016.

Being held at the Hop Garden on Friday 4th December with a strict limit of 120 spaces.

Geekzone are gathering a bag of prizes from such companies as Spark.

Hack Miramar are working with their community on ways to have a laugh as we get to know each other.

Our contribution

We will do a 15 minute live recording the following awesome some past show stars:

  • Victoria MacLennan, Managing Director of OptimalBI - show 3
  • Laura Reitel, Lightning Lab wrangler, community aficionado and start-up queen - show 7
  • Tim Kong, ex-teacher, ex-roadie and current N4L dude - show 40
  • Ruth McDavitt, CEO of Summer of Tech - show 32
  • Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM, entrepreneur, bee lover and Governor Radio NZ - show 29

Each person will have 3 minutes to answer a question posed by the person before them. Of course we'll open up with our standard podcast question :)

Update: unfortunately, due to timing, Amber Craig (InternetNZ Councillor, BTA co-founder and SO much more) can't attend, have a great party Amber. In her place with have the equally amazing Laura Reitel!!