Links: Creativity, Twitter and FaceID

Apple Leak Reveals Massive New iPhone Cancellation

Gordon Kelly - Forbes

... Touch ID will be completely replaced by Face ID, its exciting yet polarising facial recognition technology which will debut in the upcoming iPhone X. The logic behind this is Apple believes it has “a competitive advantage via differentiation” according to Kuo, who says it will take several years for Android-based rivals to match it.


How Twitter went from vapid to valuable

LaQuisha St Redfern

...  wonder if that is part of the “problem” with Twitter 2017 in New Zealand, as a culture we hate directness, confrontation, and emoting. And everyday, Twitter is serving up a heaping helping of directness, confrontation and emoting.


Design in the Age of Anxiety

Erika Hall

Removing anxiety from the design process can decrease the potential for anxiety in the world. A reactive process leads to me-too products, solutions for non-problems, feature-creep, and tone-deaf communication. Internal issues that pervert the intent of good design threaten to become the vexing material of daily experience for millions.


Three Little Words Which Spark Creativity


Every creative act starts with an act of vulnerability evidenced by three little words: