NZ Tech Soaring

The TIN Report is new to us but we're glad we spotted the 2017 version being released this week as it contains a number of interesting stats:

  • NZ$10 billion - TIN200 total revenue for 2017
  • 43,437 - Number of TIN200 full-time staff in 2017
  • 4,352 - Number of TIN200 jobs created in 2017
  • DATACOM - #1 on TIN100 list
  • FinTech, Digital Media and AgriTech - Are the fastest growing market sectors

As you take in these stats and read the report remember it is based on:

capturing key data on the country’s top 200, revenue earning, high-tech companies and reporting analysis on the 600+ companies surveyed each year.


It's interesting to read about NZ's growing Māori technology ecosystem, definitely an area that flies under the (mainstream media) radar for some reason. A cracking example is this:

Waikato Milking Systems: Ngai Tahu Holding Group’s investment in Waikato Milking Systems in 2014 is a good example of a successful Māori-hi-tech marriage. Waikato Milking Systems is well aligned with Ngai Tahu’s values of helping improve production goals and long-term sustainability in the agricultural sector. Waikato Milking Systems has featured in TIN’s top 50 revenue generating companies for the past four years.


The TIN Report is produced by Technology Investment Network with sponsorship from NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), Callaghan Innovation, EY, AJ Park and Spark. The TIN Report is a critical reference for benchmarking the performance of New Zealand’s 200 largest globally focused technology companies. The size of the tech industry has grown significantly since 2005 and in recognition of this, TIN surveyed approximately 600 companies in 2017.

The full report costs to get but there is a free 2017 TIN Report snapshot (pdf)