3 Reasons To Come To The #WellyTech Xmas Party (Thu 30th Nov, 4pm-7pm)

There's many reason to go to a party and an equal number, if not more, not to. We have one goal for this party - to pop a few bubbles we in Wellington work and live within. We perpetuate the myth of a tech community when in reality there are many silo'ed communities that exist without knowledge of their neighbours.

This party (registration and details here) is, as it has been for the past few years, one of the ways we are trying to bring together IRL the fabulous folks of tech - also see Mike & Raj's open invite to come to podcast recordings.

OK, so #WellyTech:

  1. What's the cost to me?
  2. What will I get out of it?

It doesn't matter who you are, what 'level' you operate at, what your job title states or what technology you use - here's 3 reasons over and above the ones in your head, for coming to this FREE event

1: AR / VR fun

Working with the awesome Jessica at ProjectR (podcast episode), we are chuffed to let you know there will be some AR/VR type fun to get your eyes and digits involved with.

A hint though, get in BEFORE you have a drink as it's not gonna be available to those drinking - AR/VR technology can make ya a wee bit wobbly when there is alcohol coursing through your veins.

2: Meet those that you've always wanted to

Be it members of the new Government, CEO's of the cool companies, your favourite developer, that designer you've always admired from afar, this event will put everyone at the same level and give everyone a chance to say hi and receive a kia ora back.

And if that's all you want to do, walk up to someone, say hi and snap a selfie then grand, seize that moment and go for it. We'd advise against trying to pitch your idea, ask for investment or even hang around one person all night ... get contact details and do that another day.

3: Have some fun

NO-ONE is going to make you do anything you don't want to.

If you want to just come up the stadium, get a beer, sit and chill whilst looking at the rugby field as nice music plays, then you do that.

If you want to come, say hi to some people you haven't seen for ages, have a catch up and go, you do that.

If you want to use this as a way to start a massive night in town, you do that.

It's all our event, all of us that work in tech in someway or other and we all have the right to come along, raise an OJ to the year that's going and a smile with old and new friends at the one that's coming.

Get your FREE ticket to the #WellyTewch Event