9 Ways To Podcast Better, including "Listen To Your Own Podcast"

A grand list from Iglu Radio designed to help podcast creators create shows that are not only great for the listener but also increase listenership:

  1. Cross promote with other podcasters
  2. Better sounding interviews
  3. Do your homework
  4. Test your ideas
  5. Self critique regularly
  6. There is an app for that -- you!
  7. Podcast listener phone calls?
  8. hat is your positioning statement?
  9. Aircheck your podcast on a regular basis

That final one (despite the weird "aircheck" word) is one that Access Granted can fail to do* which is madness really. If we don't hear our own shows then how on earth can we put ourselves int the listeners shoes, learn and grow ... we will now listen to our own shows!

Listening to your shows after the fact is a great way to polish your performance. Evaluate the paci ng of your delivery, the amount of time you spend on “who cares” content versus the meat of your subject matter, technical quality, and overall on-air confidence. Aging your shows a week will give you a whole new perspective for self-critique. And remember, your performance was never as bad … or as good … as you thought.

link: http://www.igluradio.com/tip-of-the-day-archives.html

* of course the show editors hear each episode over and over again :)