Amazon Alexa Now With Access Granted Podcast via Spreaker

We know a number of our listeners have Amazon Alexa units at home and now you can play Access Granted podcast and many others hosted on Spreaker - see our Spreaker, Our One Source Of Truth For ALL Episode  article on using Spreaker with our podcast.

We're chuffed that Spreaker has released an Alexa "skill" for anyone to use:

We’ve added Spreaker’s catalog of podcasts to all Amazon Alexa devices (only English-language podcasts for now, due to some Amazon Echo limitations, but we hope to get everyone else in on it soon!), as well as Spreaker-specific commands your listeners can use to play, search, and take control of their listening experience.

Using Alexa to Play Spreaker Podcasts

First, add this “skill” to your Alexa device from the Amazon Store, which you can do here:

Once it’s enabled, test it out by saying any of the commands.
Here’s how it could go:

You could say

Alexa, open Spreaker

And then search for and play a specific show thus

Ask Spreaker to play Access Granted NZ


Ask Spreaker to search for Access Granted NZ

You can execute a number of actions, too, like pause, resume, skip, and more, by using the right phrases.