TechWeek18, "Innovation that’s good for the world."

The TechWeek crew have released their focus for the 2018 event (19–27 May 2018) - "Innovation that’s good for the world."

Following the success of the Techweek17 focus on finding local answers to global questions, we spent months researching New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem to uncover the things that make it unique. Here are a couple of things we now know to be true:
  • New Zealand innovators are purpose-driven and focused on finding solutions to challenges faced locally and globally.
  • We have a legacy of global technology and innovation success that’s forged a path for the next generation of innovators.
  • Our culture of innovation and ingenious ecosystem is deeply connected across sectors and cities. 
  • New Zealand’s remote location has, by necessity, created a culture of creative thinking that rewards truly unique solutions. 
  • Our country is small, progressive and stable, making it the ideal testing ground for ideas with impact.

We will be involved with TechWeek18 but not a road-trip as per this year. Whilst Raj and Mike had a massively fun time, got to see a LOT f the North Island, heard and spoke to many incredible people we really were spending way too much time in the car and not, tbh, doing what we wanted ... sharing amazing stories and connecting the people.

We'll let you know how we'll be involved early next year ... get in touch if you're thinking of running an event and let's talk.

AND, if you're an international listener/reader then you too can be involved with TechWeek's Innovation Ecosystem Tour - sign up now.