Links: Robots, Jobs, Surveillance, and What It Really Means to Lose Your PIN

You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot—and Sooner Than You Think

Kevin Drum - Mother Jones

Far from slowing down, progress in artificial intelligence is now outstripping even the wildest hopes of the most dedicated AI cheerleaders. Unfortunately, for those of us worried about robots taking away our jobs, these advances mean that mass unemployment is a lot closer than we feared—so close, in fact, that it may be starting already. But you’d never know that from the virtual silence about solutions in policy and political circles.


UK police arrest man via automatic face recognition tech

Sebastian Anthony - Arstechnica

One for the Wellingtonians out there - NEC are also partners with Wellington City Council

South Wales Police are using hardware and software provided by NEC, which has been working on real-time facial recognition tech for a few years now and has been the technology partner for other UK police trials. 


‘I Forgot My PIN’: An Epic Tale Of Losing $30,000 In Bitcoin

Mark Frauenfelder - Wired

I made a few more guesses, and each time I failed, my sense of unreality grew in proportion to the PIN delay, which was now 2,048 seconds, or about 34 minutes. I opened my desktop calculator and quickly figured that I’d be dead before my 31st guess (34 years). One hundred guesses would take more than 80 sextillion years.


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