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The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper

Jill Leovy - The Atlantic

[Barbara] Simons is not grappling for mics anymore. In late July, at the annual Def Con hacker conference, in Las Vegas, she addressed an event called the Voting Village—a staged attack on voting machines. “I lose sleep over this. I hope you will too,” she told the hackers who had packed into a windowless conference room at Caesars Palace.
Four voting machines had been secured for the event, three of them types still in use. One team of hackers used radio signals to eavesdrop on a machine as it recorded votes. Another found a master password online. Within hours of getting their hands on the machines, the hackers had discovered vulnerabilities in all four.


Yes, this kid really just deleted $300 MILLION by messing around with Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Thijs Maas - Hackernoon

Essentially, everyone who used this multi-sig wallet, can no longer access their Ethereum anymore. Estimations of how much Ethereum was actually in these contracts range from $150 million USD to $300 million USD.


Your Kingdom: A guide to wellbeing and potential


Redvespa always wanted to make a tangible difference to young people who don’t have the same opportunities as others. This is the motivation behind buy one, share one. We have aligned with Hope Walk as our first partner charity. They aim to break the suicide stigma and start a movement in prevention and awareness. With every “Buy” we will share one for free to a young person involved in Hope Walk. This could make a difference to this persons life and their Whanau.


EdTechNZ – The Future of Education is Now!

Shane Kerr

... need to look at students through a different set of lenses and over a much longer time horizon. Gone are the days of graduating from High School and moving to a Tertiary degree or Trade skill and being set for life. Change is nothing new but the Pace of Change that we are seeing today means that we will need to continually re-skill over our entire career, micro qualifications will move to the forefront and our view of a student will look more like 3-63 years of age rather than our traditional 5-18+ view. 


The Emotionally Intelligent Manager’s Guide To Leading Remote Teams

Suzan Bond - Fast Company

... for remote work to pay off–both for employees and their employers–one crucial factor needs to hold true, and it’s a familiar one: teams need to have great working relationships with their direct supervisors. No amount of technological wizardry or personal autonomy negates the fact–which has long been true for office-bound workers as well–that job satisfaction is still closely tied to having an effective, emotionally intelligent boss. With that in mind, here are a few ways managers can continue to be the same thoughtful, compassionate leaders of remote teams as they’ve learned to be in the office.


New AI tools could empower the government to violate our civil liberties.