Our Contribution To #WellyTech 2017

As with all organisations bringing together next week's #WellyTech 2017 Xmas Party (get your free ticket now, counting down from 240 spaces as I write) we have to DO something to get our logo on the posters. Some are paying, some are paying a lot, others are promoting through their members / cohort, and yet others are arranging activities through the evening to help swirl up the "oil and water" (the "suits and jeans", the job titles and workers" ...).

And so, apart from having Mike herd all the cats, we at Access Granted are going to do the following ...

Champagen ship launch.jpg

Live stream the opening


With such luminaries as Hon Clare Curran, Liz MacPherson, Councillor David Lee and Graeme Muller cutting the virtual ribbon and naming the event open we'll be streaming their 3 minute words. Keep an eye out on the timer as water pistols will be used to ensure no-one runs over.

We're not sure where we are going to live stream but it will either be:

BBC behind th5e scenes.jpeg

Live stream our podcast recording


We're very excited about this. And very nervous as this will be our "cardboard"/MVP version of our May 2018 production of "TechWeek TV".

Together with Jono Tucker on camera and technologies Mike and Raj will bring a select band of interviewees to the table and pose a set of questions to them with 5 minutes each to answer.

Wanna know who, well currently it's the following awesome and very friendly people:

Cool eh!


Live stream of Event Vox Pops


Once the formal podcast questions are done Raj and Mike will follow Jono around the venue sticking the microphone under people's noses and asking them how it's all going and what they'd like to say to the listeners/viewers with regard to Wellington tech on 2018.


Live stream our "Monkey Cam"


A terrible name, so rude ... but it makes us giggle.

From 6pm on we're gonna slot the camera onto a tripod and have it pointing, silently, out into the event through a poster which attendees can come up and stick their heads through - get ready to take screenshots of the best :)