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Advice For New and Junior Data Scientists

What I Would Have Told Myself a Few Years ago

Robert Chang - Data @Airbnb, previously @Twitter

Principle I learned: Teaching is the best way to test your understanding of the subject and the best way to improve your skills. When you learn something valuable, share it with others. You don’t always have to create new software, explaining how existing tools work can also be super valuable.


I’m asking New Zealand culture to change

LaQuisha St Redfern

One hard thing is that a certain level of emotional detachment is needed in the world of business and leadership, I see this, and practice it myself on an almost daily basis. In 2017 we find ourselves in a place where male emotional detachment has become the rule instead of just a tool that can be picked up and put down again. Maybe the rewards of business are too great for men to want to consider an alternative?


The 4 red flags I missed as the startup imploded around me

Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

My first startup experience began with a job interview in a coffee shop. It ended in a high-speed motorcycle chase at a place called Rattlesnake Bar.

It shouldn’t have gotten that far. I should have bailed out at the coffee shop. Since I didn’t, I learned a lot that I’m now able to share.

Come with me if you want your startup to live.


Open data has the potential to change the way we see our ourselves, our world and our future. Open Data NZ is the New Zealand government's open data programme, driving the supply and demand of open government data. Open Data NZ is made up of Stats NZ and the Department of Internal Affairs.