A Packed Year, How Did We Do In The Stats?

As promised we publish our guest stats every quarter together with any fascinating nuggets of information we can find. Next year we're going to start publishing stats not only on the guests but ourselves, the team - you are what you measure, and currently we're all quite similar(ish).

Women:Men split - yay, we are still edging towards 50:50. It's heartening to see we've moved a few percentages towards this goal since our previous stats release - go us!

Access Granted podcast interview stats (2014 - 2017).png

Where our guests call home is still heavily weighted towards Wellngton, but slooowly and surely this is changing as more of the co-hosts send in their own episodes.

As we know Raj and Mike live in the bubble of Wellington and therefore it way too heavily represented (124 people) easily beating Auckland (23) and then New Plymouth (10). The TechWeek17 Roadtrip brought us Mahia,  Hamilton, and Whanganui next before we have a couple of people calling one of these gorgeous towns home: Tauranga, Rotorua, Christchurch, or even Australia.

And finally, we have a chats with just one person that hails one one of these fine places: Whangarei, Warkworth, UK,  Tauranga, Taupo, Oamaru, Nelson , Hawkes Bay and Dunedin.

Where do we record - is Golding's Free Dive really our main studio, "Studio 2"?

Seems that events nudge out the finest bar in the world, which makes sense as we cram it a stack of recordings in one go. For instance, "Office" is very high during 2017 and that makes sense when you remember about the TechWeek17 Roadtrip was to an awful lot of collaboration spaces around the North Island.

Venues up to 2017.png