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The Smart, the Stupid, and the Catastrophically Scary: An Interview with an Anonymous Data Scientist

Logic Magazine

We sat down with a veteran data scientist to help us answer these questions. Over beer and Chinese food, we spent hours discussing a wide array of subjects, ranging from neural networks to algorithmic racism.
Later, when we transcribed and edited our conversation, we realized we had way more than we needed for a single piece. So we broke our conversation into four installments, each organized around a different theme—“Introduction,” “Deep Learning,” “FinTech,” and “The Future”—and decided to distribute them throughout the issue. 


The Other Tech Bubble

Erin Griffith - Wired

Critics from the government, the media, and watchdog groups are calling for regulation, be it antitrust, compliance, or transparency around advertising. Some execs are beginning to acknowledge their personal roles in the shift. But for a lot of them, it’s business as usual. They are still preparing their apocalypse bunkers. They’re still privately wondering if the sexual harassment accusations are turning into a witch hunt. They’re still hiring models to fill their holiday parties. They’re still one-upping one another at Burning Man. They’re still asking if it’s possible to do something, and not whether they should.


Digital skills shortage should sound warning bell

Kip Brook - Make Lemonade

A major report released today shows that New Zealand has a significant and growing digital skills shortage, primarily due to the speed and scale of the increase in demand for tech skills.
The report, commissioned by the New Zealand Digital Skills Forum, should sound a warning bell to industry, government and the education sector, the Forum’s chair Victoria MacLennan says.


Digital advisory group to be established

Clare Curran -

A new advisory group is to be set up to advise the Government on how it can build the digital economy and reduce digital divides. 
Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media and Government Digital Services Minister, Clare Curran, called for expressions of interest today.
“I’m committed to reducing the gap between the digital ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. This group will help us achieve that,” Ms Curran says.


Hon Clare Curran talks with Mike Riversdale as part of the Access Granted NZ podcast live stream at the 2017 #WellyTech Xmas Party