Links: NZ Startup Ecosystem Map, Build Don't Burn and Women in Data Science NZ

New Zealand Startup Ecosystem Map

We got notified we've been added - this is an excellent map of the range of New Zealand support currently on offer to new entrepreneurs and growing startups. Have something to add - ADD IT HERE


Build don’t burn

Anna Guenther

I think we should all try to build the future we want to live in together, rather than burn people that make mistakes. We all need to be kinder to each other and ourselves, and realise we’re all going to fuck up. There is no perfect, and there never will be, but together we can solve anything if kindness is at our core and we are willing to do the work. We can’t expect those affected to take the time to teach us, we have to try and teach ourselves while listening really hard, and be open to being called in or even called out ourselves.


Women in Data Science NZ: Conference

5 March 2018 - Auckland

WiDS NZ is proud to have all female speakers, including:
Liz MacPherson, Professor Rosalind Archer, Angie Judge, Pieta Brown, Agate Ponder-Sutton, Dr Lisa Chen, Amanda Hughes, Dame Diane Robertson, Kat Kolich and Emma Vitz who are all passionate about data science. 


Kiwis are known to put their own spin on words, mixing up vowels and leaving the rest of the world pretty confused. Santa is one of them, it's definitely not an easy task for Santa to get his head around every order that comes from New Zealand each year.