Election Special: What Do YOU Want Us To Ask Them?

This is YOUR chance to submit your questions for us to ask on your behalf as we ask each of the ICT representatives from the main political parties about their policies and why we should vote them in at this year's general election (Saturday 23rd September). We will publish all the answers on the Tuesday 5th September show.

We have or are booking time with Gareth Hughes (Green), Tracey Martin (NZ First), Clare Curran (Labour), David Seymour (Act), Brett Hudson (National) and Peter Dunne (United Future).

Party ICT Policies

Note: not all parties have published ICT policies or anything that impacts on the tech world of Kiwi people. We will update the list if and when they are made public

Thanks for your questions and for supporting the ongoing shows with your donations, we can't do it without you