Pre-TechWeek 2017 interviewee stats

Raj and I have a solid belief that telling and hearing stories opens up peoples minds to a world of possibilities and that as we share more of the New Zealand tech adventures we are increasing the pool of those that will want to give it a go.

Specifically we've been trying to have a 50/50 split between men and women* on the show and have been regularly reporting back our findings. Well, "regularly" until 2016 when we stopped for no apparent reason.

We will now post our stats updates on a quarterly basis (end of March, end of June, end of Sept, and as close to the end of December as we can get).

To kick it off here is the stats for all our interviewees up to our #twnz17 road-trip (which started Star Wars Day, May 4th, this year).

Gender Split

Access Granted podcast interview (31 April 2017).png

* yes, it is never a binary decision, for now we are just trying to resolve one particular gender bias, bear with us.


We have a BIG problem here - 88 of our 120+ podcasts (excl. #twnz17 road-trip) are with people that live in the Wellingon region. We're gonna have to think long and hard about how we amend this massive Wellington bubble issue.