Yes, We Are On YouTube

Podcasting eh - what's it all about?*
How do I get to listen to the shows, do I have to have an iPhone and use iTunes, how do I know when there's a new interview up? So many legitimate questions many of us have with this 'new' thing called podcasting.

There's basically three ways you can listen to our interviews:

  1. Subscribe in whatever podcasting app you have on your mobile device
  2. Come to the website, find the episode and push play in your browser
  3. Use a myriad of websites you probably already go to, eg YouTube

Yes, we are on YouTube and all the shows are uploaded automatically when we publish new ones.

How to listen via YouTube

  1. Go to our channel:
  2. Listen to your favourite shows
  3. Push subscribe**
  4. Hit the Like button on those you love

With YouTube Red you can even have it playing in the background just like any podcasting/music app.

Thanks to all our listeners, however you listen!

* as a great "podcasting, what's it all about?" check out the Stuff's "A quick guide to the wonderful world of podcasting".
** with 100 subscribers we get to have a much nicer YouTube URL ... go on, subscribe and hep us out

Support the podcast

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