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The Ups and Downs of the Elevator Pitch

Donna Sorsa

It sounds so simple to prepare an elevator pitch and yet there seem to be so many rules!

  • Practice it but don’t preach it
  • Keep it professional but not boring
  • Cover all your points but keep it to the point
  • Tell a story but not a novel
  • Sell yourself but don’t overdo it

Feeling confused?
In putting my Fuelled elevator pitch together I discovered that the less confusing approach is to share your ‘why’ not your ‘what’.


Idealog's Technologymonth

many authors

Articles covering everything tech in New Zealand, from startup culture to gaining ionvestment to what politicians should take heed of. Try and spot as many of our show stars as tou can :)


A Complete Guide to Startup Advisors and Mentors

Josiah Humphrey

Knowledgeable, experienced, and well-connected mentors/advisors are crucial to a startup’s success.

According to Startup Genome Report, startups that don’t explicitly seek out the advice and assistance of advisors in their industries fail to raise the funding necessary to scale.

Whilst entrepreneurs know that mentors/advisors are vital to the growth of their companies, much confusion persists regarding what an advisory board is, which roles advisors can be expected to play, and how startups should secure mentors in the first place.

In this article I’ll provide answers to some of the most common questions concerning the role and benefits of advisors/mentors.


Confessions of an Insecure Entrepreneur
or how I learned to stop worrying and love the crazy.

Gaurav Baheti

Insecurities are real.
It exists in every human being. It’s only how well one can deal with those, keep them aside and focus what’s bigger than their own self.

Most people don’t get the idea of “experimenting” with life. But what’s the worst that could happen? (Considering I don’t get into any legal mess) I’ll have to get a job over again? So be it.

There is luck, undoubtedly. But you have to give luck a chance. And when you do that you can’t sit back and relax. You’ve got to attract luck too.

You can’t even win the lottery without buying a ticket.


The History of Silicon Valley: Transistors, Stanford, and Venture Capital

Playbook app

Part 1 of a 3 part series on the circumstances that gave birth to the world’s current hub of innovation — Silicon Valley

Coming soon, part 2 on the birth of computers and the internet, and part 3 on the internet bubble, social, and the sharing economy.


A 13 Year Old Genius, Melanoma Detection And An #ALLMALEPANEL

Victoria MacLennan

What do a 13 year old genius, melanoma detection and an #allmalepanel have in common?? – they all featured at the IBM Watson Summit, where I spent a sunny mid-winter afternoon this week. A well curated event that featured good food, a large and diverse crowd, varied and interesting speakers and fun activities like virtual reality experiences.


Personalising learning: A wicked challenge!

Lesley Murrihy

Moving forward will require us to have a very robust national conversation to define personalised learning (or whatever we call the future-focused education that we want for our children) - one that involves all stakeholders who are willing to acknowledge and put aside their vested interests, including school and education leaders, unions, teachers, parents, students, the business sector and politicians. It will need to be an intelligent, knowledgeable, deliberative and informed conversation. Once that is done, we will be one step closer to developing the conditions that will enable us to scale change across the education sector.


A former Navy SEAL’s advice for tough times: Embrace the suck.

Brandon Webb

I had no way of knowing that at the time. I had no way of knowing that the very thing that looked like my worst enemy was in fact planting the seed for my eventual success. But that’s exactly the point. You never know those details at the time. You never know how this thing is going to work out five years from now. You can’t know.


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