Spreaker, Our One Source Of Truth For ALL Episodes

Spreaker is our home for all our episodes, it's where we upload, tag and share everything, Speaker then very nicely send it out to the world such as iTunes, YouTube and a multitude of other places. Spreaker also gives us the code to embed episodes on this website and, if you want, your own.

Subscribe to the source

We could make you go to our Spreaker profile, click on Episodes and find the "Subscribe" - bit hey, life's too short eh - here's the link to add to your podcast / RSS catchers: 


Follow us on Spreaker

If you have an account on Spreaker then you can simply go to our Spreaker profile page and click the 'Follow' button.

Listen to us on your Amazon Alexa via Spreaker

First, add this “skill” to your Alexa device from the Amazon Store, which you can do here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0764J52QR

Once it’s enabled, test it out by saying any of the commands.
Here’s how it could go:

You could say

Alexa, open Spreaker

And then search for and play a specific show thus

Ask Spreaker to play Access Granted NZ


Ask Spreaker to search for Access Granted NZ

You can execute a number of actions, too, like pause, resume, skip, and more, by using the right phrases.

Support the podcast

We've teamed up with New Zealand's PressPatron to allow our generous listeners to donate in order to for us to up our sound quality - thank you to all that have supported us.