Welcome To Our "Collections"

With 140+ episodes we know it can be daunting finding the one you want. With our new Collections we hope to make that easier for you by grouping episodes by topic. Currently we have five Collections and we will be adding more over time.


Women in Tech

Diversity, it starts with us and our goal is 50:50 on our show - check out the show stats to see how we're doing.

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CEO's and head honchos

Stories from people that are now head of companies, founded their own to others that bring the vision to drive growth. 

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From all over the world they come to settle in New Zealand and help grow the tech sector.

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System Error

An ad-hoc series of rants about anything bugging the team. Inspired and hosted by Mauricio Freitas admin of Geekzone.

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Events and Conferences

Episodes from tech. media and start-up evens and conferences around New Zealand.

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In addition to our curated Collections all our episodes are tagged and enabling you to find all episodes of a particular interest. Tags are listed at the bottom of each episode post and this tag cloud.