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It's VERY easy doing what we do ... a chat, a beer / coffee, lot's of laughs and then pop the recording into Google Drive and await for the publishing magic* to happen. We never claim to be investigative journalists because we're not, we always talk with interesting people and we always have fun - what's not to love.

In fact, it's so easy and fun that we've outgrown ourselves a wee bit and need some help recording gusts as the requests to be on the show are increasing, especially outside of Wellington.

Would you like to be a Guest Host?

We'll give you all the equipment, a few initial contacts in your area and a run down of how we do what we do (it's not rocket science). After your first show is published we'll let you book, record and share your own shows.

Keen to know more, to get your own voice out there and to help spread the Kiwi tech people's stories far and wide - fill in the form (or contact us any other way) and we'll be chatting very soon.

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* currently all "publishing magic" happens with Raj editing and publishing each episode and Mike ensuring the word is spread around.

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